Symposium 19: Solid-State Chemistry of Inorganic Materials Inorganic

Inorganic solids with useful properties lie at the core of many technological applications. Inorganic solids are also the subject of solid-state chemistry: the chemistry that solids have for being solids–and not liquids or gases. The basis of the theme for this symposium is that the properties of solids that make them useful depend essentially on the presence or absence of “independent” entities, as in molecular solids, ionic-covalent solids, or intermetallic solids.

The aim of this symposium is to serve as a forum for discussion of the chemistry of inorganic solids with special emphasis on those with important and useful properties for current or emerging applications. Examples of the types of solids relevant to this symposium appear in the list below, which is not by any means exclusive.

Session topics include (but will not be limited to):

• Synthesis of inorganic solids
• Crystal structure of inorganic solids
• Microstructure, as determined by TEM, HREM, and ancillary techniques, of inorganic solids
• Physical and chemical characterization of inorganic solids
• Inorganic solids with useful properties, including ceramics, dielectrics, ionic conductors, intermetallics,
  magnetic materials, and superconductors

Invited speakers (tentative) include:

Santiago Álvarez (Univ. de Barcelona, Spain), Mario Bieringer (Univ. of Manitoba, Canada), Lauro Bucio (UNAM, Inst. de Fisica, Mexico D.F.), Claude Delmas (ICMC Bordeaux, France), Frank DiSalvo (Cornell Univ.), John Greedan (McMaster Univ., Canada), Michael Hayward (Oxford Univ., United Kingdom), Igor Levin (National Inst. for Standards and Technology), Oracio Navarro (UNAM, Inst. de Investigaciones en Materiales, Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico), Teófilo Rojo (Univ. del País Vasco, Spain), Maria Antonia Señaris (Univ. de la Coruña, Spain), Ram Seshadri (Univ. of California - Santa Barbara), and Yuichi Shimakawa (Kyoto Univ., Japan).

Symposium Organizers

Kenneth R. Poeppelmeier
Northwestern University, Dept. of Chemistry,
2145 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, IL 60208-3113 USA
Phone 847-491-3505, Fax 847-491-7713,

Susan M. Kauzlarich
University of California - Davis, Dept. of Chemistry,
Davis, CA 95616 USA
Phone 530-752-4756,
María Elena Villafuerte Castrejon
UNAM, Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales,
C.P. 70-360 Ciudad Universitaria, 04510
México D.F., Mexico
Phone 52-55-5622-4646,

M. Á. Alario Franco
Universidad Complutense, Laboratorio Complutense
de Altas Presiones, Ciudad Universitaria, 28040
Madrid, Spain
Phone/Fax 34-91-3944338,

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