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Advances in Semiconducting Materials

The symposium on "Advances in Semiconducting Materials" covers a wide range of materials technology communities covering the full academic / industrial spectrum. The conference provides a productive atmosphere for discussions between scientists working on the fundamental material and physical problems and industrial researchers interested in the influence of specific fundamental problems on the fabrication process of semiconducting materials and devices. The participants will have an opportunity to exchange their ideas and experiences, to discuss the future directions of this expanding field, and to create new personal contacts. The main objectives of the symposium will be:

   • To bring together the leaders in semiconducting materials technologists and scientist around the world,
      especially focusing on advances in Synthesis, Characterization and Device applications
   • To attract an elite, national and international audience representing science, academia and industry
   • To bring a technical audience to the marketplace


The purpose of this symposium is to discuss growth, characterization, theories, device applications and material problems related to semiconducting (SC) materials. The emphasis on this symposium will lie on the various growth techniques and properties of organic semiconductors, inorganic semiconductors, oxide SC, hybrid SC, magnetic SC, ferroelectric SC, low temperature SC, layered SC, microscopy of SC materials, SC fabrication and advanced packaging materials, etc. The symposium will focus on the most recent advances in the study of semiconducting material properties including structural, electronic, photonic, thermal, and others and will detail micro-characterization techniques and developments in materials science and technology covering the complete range of elemental and compound semiconductors. Many of these semiconductors have interesting properties but they have not yet received much attention due to their limited applications. Their existence shows that the field of semiconductor engineering still has plenty of room for growth and expansion. One reason why semiconductors have become the choice material for the electronic industry is the existence of highly sophisticated epitaxial growth techniques. Their industrial applications have in turn, led to an increased sophistication of these techniques. These techniques have made it possible to synthesize artificial crystal structure known as super lattices and quantum wells. Recent advances in fabricating low dimensional nanostructures take advantage of either alignment of atoms with substrates or strain between substrate and epilayer. A coordinated effort will be made to have a strong interaction between semiconducting materials and device research. This coordination provides for maximum exchange of information between attendees of the conferences. The conference will involve oral presentations; both invited and contributed, by academic, government, and industrial researchers. The strategy being adopted is to work with the national, international researchers and manufacturers to develop international collaboration. These developments hold an enormous potential for emerging technologies


Fundamentals of Semiconductors, Characterization of Semiconductor Materials, Basic Properties of Semiconductors like structural, electrical, optical, Hall Effect, Thermoelectric, Photoconductivity etc., Alloys of Elemental Semiconductors, Quantum Physics of semiconducting materials, Semiconductor Heterostructures, Surface Preparation, Passivation and Cleaning for Semiconductor Growth and Processing, Microscopy and Semiconducting Materials, Spectroscopy of Semiconductors and Semiconductor Nanostructures, Atomistic Simulation of Electrooptic and Magnetooptic Oxide Materials, Semiconductor Quantum Optoelectronics, Quantum Semiconductor Devices and Technologies, Nitride Semiconductors and Devices, Smart Devices, Computer Simulation Methods in Condensed Matter, etc.


Attendees include students, professors, scientists, engineers, researchers, technicians, R&D managers, and product managers. The symposium encourages multifaceted personalities to benefit from the topic of Advances in Semiconducting Materials in the light of the pressure on needs of future world.

Tentative invited speakers are (more to come):

1. Ze Don-Kvon, Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Novosibirsk- Russia
2. Anna Foncuberta I Morral, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Laussane, Switzerland
3. Guennadi Gusev, Universidad de Sao Paulo, Brazil
4. Abdel Hadi Kassiba, Universite du Maine, France
5. Jean-Claude Portal, INSA Toulouse, France
6. Steven Ringel, Ohio State University, USA
7. Mike Scarpulla, University of Utah, USA
8. Luisa Scolfaro, Texas State University, USA
9. Patrick Soukiassian, Universite Paris Sud-Orsay & CEA-Saclay, France
10. Olga Tkachenko, Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Novosibirsk- Russia
11. Robert Walters, Naval Research Laboratory, USA
12. Tetyana V. Torchynska, ESFM-National Polytechnic Institute, U.P.A.L.M., Mexico D.F.
13. Richard K Ahrenkiel, Colorado School of Mines, USA


It is planned to publish the work presented in this symposium in two reputed international journals. Probable journals are:

    1. Materials Science and Engineering B- An Elsevier Journal
    2. NanoTrends – A journal of Nanotechnology and its Applications

The organizing committee continues to probe the possibilities of publishing in additional journals if the demand needs


Velumani Subramaniam
Department of Electrical Engineering(SEES)
Centro de Investigacion y de Estudios Avanzados del IPN (CINVESTAV)
Mexico City, C.P.07360, Mexico
Phone: 0052 (55) 57474001

Alex Freundlich
Center for Advanced Materials
University of Houston, USA

Antonieta Garcia Murillo
Mexico City, Mexico

Vijay P. Singh
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Kentucky , Lexington, KY. 40506-0046
Phone:(859) 257-3243

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