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New Catalytic Materials

The main focus is on the fundamental and applied science of catalysis, including synthesis, characterization and applications of new catalysts for topical areas of interest. The symposium will continue to highlight the recent achievements in the area of catalysis by promoting an exchange of ideas and discussion on recent developments of catalytic materials of both heterogeneous and homogeneous. In particular, emphasis will be put in approaching the academic and industrial viewpoints altogether, the use of industrial catalysts for refining and petrochemical processes and their impact on the environment. Current topics of interest include new catalysts for carrying out chemical transformation of renewable resources for bio-fuels and hydrogen production, photocatalysis and liquid fuels from synthesis gas. The character of this symposium is driven by the interest of the scientific community on new materials for improving the catalysts performance and for obtaining newer catalytic systems. Nowadays, the exploding diversity of new materials has opened a new technological perspective in general and it is an exciting subject of research and discovery in catalysis. Simultaneously, more sophisticated methods that are usually involved in the characterization and properties of new catalytic materials are driving factors for developing new insights for research on new catalytic materials, and this year a special focus will be given to the novel characterization techniques used for knowing better the structural (surface/bulk), textural (Surface Area, etc.), compositional (surface/bulk), molecular and electronic (Bonding) and other properties of catalytic materials altogether.

Topics will include (but not be limited to):

• Nano-and mesostructured catalytic materials (metals, oxides, carbon, MCM-41 etc.)
• Clean fuels (hydrogen production, low sulphur gasoline and diesel, HDS, etc.)
• Environmental catalysis (de-NOx, de-SOx, 3-way catalysts, VOx control)
• Biofuels (biomass, biodiesel, etc)
• Petroleum refining and hydrotreating (FCC, isomerization, HDS, etc.)
• C1 chemistry (GTL, Methanol Synthesis, F-T synthesis, etc.)

Invited speakers:

Dr. Ajay K. Dalai (University of Saskatchewan).
Mr. Jorge J. Macho (Ocean Optics, Inc.)
Prof. James Gole (Georgia Tech, School of Physics)
Prof. S. Ted Oyama (The University of Tokyo)
Professor Ulises Sedrán (CONICET)
Prof. Jorge Ramírez Solis (UNAM)
Dr. Carlos Angeles (IMP)
Prof. Eduardo Wolf (Notre Dame University)


José Manuel Domínguez Esquivel
Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo
Programa de Ingeniería Molecular
Eje Central L. Cárdenas Norte 152,
C.P. 07730, Distrito Federal, Mexico
Phone: +52 (55) 91758392.

Jin-an Wang
Laboratory of Catalysis and Materials
Instituto Politécnico Nacional
Col. Zacatenco, Distrito Federal, Mexico
Phone: +52 (55) 57296000 Extension 55261.

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