F2. Advances in Functional Semiconducting Materials

The symposium on Advances in Functional Semiconducting Materials is the premier annual symposium dedicated especially to the recent developments in semiconducting materials to bridge a platform between academicians and industrials. This symposium covers the recent innovative aspects of materials research on the synthesis, characterization and applications. Symposium stimulates discussion between materials science & technology communities covering wide academic & engineering spectrum. In the light of the pressure on needs of future technologies, this provides an interactive media and a productive atmosphere for interaction between young researchers, scientists and industrial experts.

The symposium will focus on the most recent advances in various composites, hybrid and hetero structured materials synthesis techniques and study of key properties, including micro & nano-characterization techniques. Since, these complex architectures with promising properties, but remain under limited exposure, may find a way-out to reach larger audience. Their innovative and novel features show that, the field of functional semiconductor engineering still has plenty of room for technological development and economic expansion.

The symposium will involve oral, both invited and contributed, and posters presentations the academic, government, and industrial researchers. The strategy being adopted is to ensure a link between the national, international researchers and manufacturers to develop international collaboration.

Symposium Topics:

  • Advances on semiconductor growth and processing
  • Characterizations of semiconducting materials
  • Inorganic, organic SCs, Oxide SC, hybrid (organic/inorganic) systems and perovskites
  • Nano and hetero-structures
  • Bulk and nanostructures including quantum dots/wires/wells and superlattices
  • Functional semiconductors for photovoltaic and photocatalytic applications.
  • Modeling and numerical calculation/simulation of electronic and optical properties
  • Smart devices and hybrid architectures

Invited Speakers:

Alex Freundlich (University of Houston, USA), Souad Ammar (ITODYS, Paris, France), Jose Chavez (UNAM, Mexico), Malgorzata Makowska Janusik (AJD Czestochowa, Poland), Shailesh Sharma (National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, India), John V Kennedy (National Isotope Centre, GNS Science, New Zealand), Jingbao Cui (University of Memphis, USA), Mihaela Girtan (LPA Angers, France), Carlos Durran (UNAM, Mexico).

Additional Information

All the work presented in this symposium will be published in the peer-reviewed International journal - `Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics´ (Springer Publication) with an impact factor 2.019 (2016). Details will be sent later to individual authors