Complementary Essential Tools in Materials Science and Engineering

Complementary Essential Tools in Materials Science and Engineering

How to publish a scientific paper in the field of materials science and engineering

Dr. Heberto Balmori Ramírez
Materials Science and Engineering-ESIQIE
Instituto Polítecnico Nacional

Vice President (2017-2018) of the Sociedad Mexicana de Materiales A.C.

First Session:
Tuesday August 21th
07:00-09:00 hrs

Second Session:
Tuesday August 21th
14:00-16:00 hrs

Publishing a scientific paper marks the end of a specific scientific work. Publishing it in an appropriate journal is vital for dissemination of knowledge, as well as, to establish a researcher’s reputation. However, writing the paper requires some skills that are not obvious for young researchers. The purpose of this workshop is to present the general characteristics and structure of scientific publications and to provide a few writing tips to young researchers in order to help them get their papers published. Additionally, the characteristics of scientific journals and of the importance of the peer review process will be address. Finally, the use of commercial tools that are helpful to complement the literature review, selecting the adequate journal for a paper and reducing the risk of plagiarism will be address.

First Session:

  1. Introduction
  • What is a scientific journal?
  • What is a scientific paper?
  • Why is it important to publish a scientific paper for young scientists?
  1. The steps to publish a scientific paper.
  • The classification scheme of scientific journals
  1. The ethical aspects of publishing a scientific paper.
  • Practical Tools to avoid plagiarism.

Second Session

  1. The structure of scientific papers.
  • How to make an efficient literature reviews
  1. Submitting a paper for publication and the reviewing process.
  1. Finally! Your paper gets published

Sustainable materials: a thermodynamic perspective

Dr. Antonio del Río Portilla
Institute of Renewable Energies
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Thursday August 23th

Nowadays, as a society, we are facing a paradigm regarding the use of sustainable materials and technologies. This breakpoint has boosted the search of tailoring sustainable materials. Sustainability is not the return to some kind of idyllic landscape untouched by human hands. Especially since the nature laws bound us. More specifically, we need to take into account the laws of thermodynamics.
In this talk, a discussion about the physical meaning indicated by the sustainable material concept from the irreversible thermodynamics point of view is presented. We start with the discussion of Sustainable Development Goals and the entropy production for irreversible processes. Finally, we conclude that to obtain a sustainable material one need to look for maximum efficiency instead of maximum power.
Living sustainability today involves a process of “co-evolution”. A bottom up approach where we, as a society, work together to build “Sustainable Communities”. A brief general scope on this topic for an ongoing project in the framework of CONACyT´s network “Red de Energía Solar” is address.

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