D5. In-situ and Operando Microscopy of Electronic and Energy Materials

The atomic level structure and functionality of surface and interfaces often determine physical and chemical properties of heterostructures and nanomaterials. Central to understanding how to synthesize and exploit functional materials for electronic devices, energy conversion and energy storage applications is having the ability to image and quantify the atomic structure, composition, chemical bonding, electronic properties, and their dynamic processes upon an external stimulus (such as a reaction flux, an electric bias, light, heat, stress, etc.). The recent advances in electron microscopy and spectroscopy techniques, sample environment control, electron detection, imaging processing and modeling have opened many new opportunities to probe materials at the level that was inaccessible before.

This symposium will cover the recent development and applications of (scanning) transmission electron microscopy (S/TEM) imaging and spectroscopy techniques, in situ and in operando characterization capabilities, data acquisition and analysis for the study of electronic structures and energy materials. Special attention will be paid to the investigation of atomic scale structure, properties, and defect characteristics of nanomaterials, quantum dots, 2D materials, thin films or bulk materials, dynamic phenomena at solid-liquid, solid-solid and solid-gas interfaces including precipitation and dissolution, phase transformations, excitation, ion or mass transport, (electro-) chemical processes. A wide range of materials will be included, such as battery electrodes, catalysts, electric or magnetic materials. The symposium will provide a forum for researchers diverse background to discuss the exciting developments related to in situ characterization techniques and utilize them to address significant issues on electronic structures and energy materials.

Joint sessions will be held with the symposium Microscopy of Materials and Nanomaterials for aspects focusing on high spatial resolution imaging and high energy resolution spectroscopy as well as combinations with other techniques to span multiple length scales.

Symposium Topics:

  • In situ characterization of electric, magnetic, thermal, light or mechanical driven materials processes
  • Imaging of dynamic processes at solid-liquid, solid-solid and solid-gas interfaces
  • Nucleation & growth, phase transformations
  • Atomic defects in nanostructures, 2D materials and thin films
  • 3D visualization and modeling of materials
  • In situ techniques and sample stage development for advanced electron microscopy
  • Image processing and data management

Invited Speakers:

Yuichi Ikuhara (University of Tokyo, Japan), Paulo Ferreira (UT Austin), Kazu Suenaga (AIST, Japan), Eli Sutter (UNL), Litao Sun (Southwest University, China), Reza Shahbazian Yassar (UIC, USA), Raymond R. Unocic (ORNL), Alexander Robertson  (U Oxford), Judith Chun-Hsu Yang (Univ. of pittsburgh), Chris Regan (UCLA), Joe Patterson (Eindhoven University of Technology), Huolin Xin (BNL), Dongsheng Li (PNNL), HongGang Liao (Xiamen U), Taylor J. Woehl (UM), Daan Hein Alsem (Hummingbird Scientific, Inc.), Rafal Dunin-Borkowski (ER-C, Germany), Klaus Van Benthem (UC Davis)