Time Schedule

Plenary Lectures

• Sunday, August 14
19:30 hrs.

Prof. Sumio Iijima
Meijo University
• Monday, August 15
11:30 hrs.

Prof. Ivan Schuller
University of California, San Diego
• Tuesday, August 16
11:30 hrs.

Prof. Eduard Arzt
Universität des Saarlandes
• Wednesday, August 17
11:30 hrs.

Prof. Dan Shechtman
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology


• Tuesday, August 16
14:00 hrs.

Ph.D. Gary D. Fullerton

University of Colorado Denver

Accepted Contributions

Time Schedule

1. Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnology.
2. Advances in Computational Materials Science.
3. Structural and Chemical Characterization of Metals Alloys and

4. Advanced Structural Materials.
5. Advances in Semiconducting Materials.
6. New Catalytic Materials.
7. NACE: Corrosion and Metallurgy.
8. Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Issues in Materials Science

9. Photovoltaics, Solar Energy Materials & Technologies.
10. Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development.
11. Biomaterials for Medical Applications.
12. Strategies for Academy-Industry Relationships.
13. Advances in Ion-Beam Techniques and Applications.
14. Fundamentals and Applications of Functional Oxide Materials in Energy,
             Information and Sensing.

15. Bioinspired Materials and Systems.
16. Smart Materials, Devices, and Related Technology.
17. Diamond Devices--Detectors, Sensors, and Photonics.
18. Micro and Nanomechanical Testing of Materials and Devices.
19. Advanced Electron Microscopy and Nanospectroscopy.
20. Polymer and Polymer-Based Nanocomposite Materials for Energy.
21. Materials Research for Mining and Mineral Processing.
22. Materials Welding and Joining Technologies.
23. II Meeting of the Brazil-Mexico Nanotechnology Center (CBMNano).
24. Workshop: Crystal Structure / Properties and Phase Identification
            using X–ray Powder Diffraction Techniques.

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