1. Nano Science and Technology

+INFO   1A. Low Dimensional Bismuth-based Materials
+INFO   1B. Nanostructured Carbon Materials for MEMS/NEMS and Nano-Electronics
+INFO   1C. Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnology

2. Materials Characterization

+INFO   2A. The Role of Surfaces and Interfaces in Materials Processing
+INFO   2B. Novel Characterization Methods for Biological Systems
+INFO   2C. Quantitative Measurements with AFM in Fluids
+INFO   2D. Structural and Chemical Characterization of Metals Alloys and Compounds

3. Materials for Energy production

+INFO   3A. Materials for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells
+INFO   3B. Photocatalytic and PhotoelectrochemicalNanomaterials for Sustainable Energy
+INFO   3C. Photovoltaics, Solar Energy Materials and Technologies
+INFO   3D. New Catalytic Materials
+INFO   3E. Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development

4. Biomaterials

+INFO   4A. Nanotechnology-enhanced Biomaterials and Biomedical Devices
+INFO   4B. Biomaterials for medical applications

5. Polymers

+INFO   5A. Soft Responsive Materials
+INFO   5B. New Trends in polymer chemistry and characterization

6. Electronics and Photonics

+INFO   6A. Organic Materials for Electronics and Photonics
+INFO   6B. Low Dimensional Semiconductor Structures
+INFO   6C. Advances in Semiconducting Materials
+INFO   6D. Materials and Devices for Large Area Electronics

7. Fundamental Materials Science

+INFO   7A. Advances in Computational Materials Science
+INFO   7B. Concrete with Smart Additives and Supplementary Cementitious Materials
+INFO   7C. NACE: Corrosion and Metallurgy
+INFO   7D. Advanced Structural Materials
+INFO   7E. Interfaces, Structure, and Domain Engineering in Ferroic Systems
+INFO   7F. Solid State Chemistry of Inorganic Materials

8. General

+INFO   8A. Strategies for Academy-Industry Relationship

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