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Sociedad Mexicana de Materiales

The Materials Research Society (MRS)

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17 – 21 August, Cancún, Mexico

This annual international meeting provides an interactive forum to discuss the advances in synthesis, characterization, properties, processing, applications, basic research trends, corrosion prevention, and more, all related to the area of materials science and engineering.

The efforts of several societies, colleagues, sponsors and exhibitors offer an exciting multidisciplinary stage to learn first-hand about new directions in materials research and technology, as well as a valuable opportunity to share and exchange ideas with some of the foremost experts in the field.


Mihail C. Roco
National Science Foundation and National Nanotechnology Initiative

The long term view of nanoscale science and engineering development from basics to system integration and technological convergence-divergence cycles is discussed. A twenty year outlook for nanotechnology development was formulated about 2000 (NNI), with the promise to create basic understanding and a general purpose technology with mass and sustainable use by 2020.

Sunday 17th