XXV International Materials Research Congress 2016

Proceedings Submission

Dear IMRC 2016 participant,

MRS and SMM are pleased to introduce you to MRS Advances, a new publication option for your IMRC 2016 scientific presentation. MRS Advances is a new online journal that offers wide discoverability in indexing services, fast peer review and publication, strong editorial leadership, and free access to MRS members. (Your registration to IMRC 2016 included a one-year MRS membership.)

MRS Advances began publication with the 2015 MRS Fall Meeting and is led by an editorial board of materials scientists. It is still true, as in past IMRC meetings, that symposium organizers manage peer review from their symposia and as such, they serve as principal editors for the journal with support from MRS Advances editorial board members serving as Associate Editors to ensure timely publication decisions.

In order to bring IMRC 2016 research into the Advances program, MRS will implement a submission website similar to what is used for MRS meetings, called Manuscript Central. It’s a user-friendly site that helps to structure and manage the editorial flow from submission through peer review to decision. Because this site is still being customized to accommodate IMRC, we are not yet ready to receive your submitted papers.  

But we do expect the site to be open and available by the end of September. And we will provide you with a link to that site by email when it is open for your papers.

We have commitments from the following symposia to publish within MRS Advances. If you would like to submit to Advances but do not see your symposium below, please email your symposium organizers or MRS headquarters to ask if your symposium might also participate. Some editors are accepting papers now in order to start the peer review process immediately. You may contact one of the editors to find out what process they are following until the submission site is available. To prepare your paper to MRS Advances requirements, you may visit the MRS website for details.

A7: Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnology

A8: Silicon based nanoscale optoelectronic devices

B1: Electrochemical Energy Storage and Generation: Batteries and Fuel Cells

C5: New Trends in Polymer Chemistry and Characterization

D1: Advanced Structural Materials

D2: Advances in Cement and Concrete Research

D5: Materials in Nuclear Science and Technology

E2: Advances and Challenges in Multimodal Characterizations of Functional Materials

E4: Structural and Chemical Characterization of Metals and Alloys

F9: Advances In Functional Semiconducting Materials


MRS Advances is a digital journal, and similar to other journals, one volume encompasses one publication year, to include papers from both MRS and IMRC meetings that publish within one calendar year. If accepted, your paper will publish online within approximately two weeks of acceptance. Issues are composed of like subject matter, and individuals can order any issue of interest by Print-on-Demand via the Cambridge website.

If you have published your IMRC paper from previous meetings, the MRS Online Proceedings Library, which holds 40 years of excellent materials science research, including much from past IMRC meetings, remains available to the research community as an archive. Both MRS Advances and the MRS Online Proceedings Library are free to MRS members.

We thank you for your patience while we construct a site to receive your submissions. You will find it very easy to use and the publication process very smooth. If you have any questions regarding MRS Advances, please contact us at mrsadvances@mrs.org.  We look forward to receiving your submission.


With best regards,
Dave Bahr
Editorial board members


P.S. Please be aware that we are not able to answer questions regarding the meeting itself. Such questions should be addressed smm@mrs-mexico.org.mx