This symposium aims to provide an international forum on the latest developments in nano-alloys research, including the tools used for their study, considering experimental and theoretical approaches. The focus is primarily on the synthesis, characterization and computational modeling of nanoalloys. Nowadays, a complete understanding of the nanoalloys behavior has not been yet achieved. From a theoretical perspective, this requires the use of a vast number of methodologies depending on the size ranges and time scales considered namely: Nanothermodynamics, Density Functional Theory (DFT), Molecular Dynamics (MD) and Metropolis Monte Carlo (MMC) simulations. Experimentally, calorimetry is still challenging at the nanoscale however, electronic microscopy techniques such as in-situ heating experiments using TEM can provide useful data to improve the knowledge on nanoalloys phase stability and phase transition. Finally, latest developments in synthesis should be carefully discussed in order to achieve better control in size, shape and composition.

The objective of this Symposium is to bring together theoreticians and experimentalists to share ideas and encourage new collaborations on this topic. By participating in this Symposium, attendees will gain a deep insight into the current state-of-the-art research being carried out in academia, international laboratories and industries working in the field of nanoalloys.

Symposium Topics

  • Nano-thermodynamics, Density Funtional Theory, Metropolis Monte Carlo Simulations, Molecular Dynamics, Global optimization techniques
  • Phase diagrams of nano-alloys, melting phase transitions, structural phase transitions, magnetic phase transitions, size and shape effects on phase transitions
  • Synthesis of bimetallic nanoparticles, clusters, straight and helical nanowires, III-V, II-VI semiconductors
  • Characterization of nano-alloys by TEM, SEM, DSC, Nano/Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (NEMS/MEMS), SAXS, XRD, spectroscopies (UV-vis-NIR, Raman)
  • Applications: mechanical, thermal, optical, catalytic and medical applications.

Invited Speakers

Confirmed: Miguel Jose-Yacaman (UTSA, USA), Laurence D. Marks (Northwestern University, USA), Rodolfo Zanella (UNAM, Mexico), Christian Ricolleau (Paris-Diderot University, France), Michel Kazan (American University of Beirut, Lebanon), Eugen Rabkin (Technion, Israel),  Julius Jellinek (Argonne National Laboratory, USA), Hannu Hakkinen (University of Jyvaskyla, Finland), Marcela Beltran (UNAM, Mexico), Ignacio Garzon (UNAM, Mexico), Johan Hoefnagels (Eindhoven University of Technology, Holland), Cecilia Noguez (UNAM, Mexico), Beatriz Roldan-Cuenya (University of Bochum, Germany), Maria Escribano-Escudero (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark), Peter Strasser (TU Berlin, Germany), Matthias Vandichel (Chalmers University, Sweden), Christoph Rehbock (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany), Remita Hynd (Universite Paris-Sud, France), Jaime Mimilla-Arroyo (Cinvestav, Mexico)