A key challenge in nanoscience is to understand how deliberate tailoring of materials on the nanoscale can lead to novel and enhanced functionalities towards the advancement of nanotechnology. The inherent properties of nanosystems offer unique opportunities to design the optical, magnetic, electronic, mechanical and chemical characteristics of materials. Currently, research teams all over the world are developing new materials that exhibit novel properties and functionalities that can be achieved through dimensional control of matter at the nanoscale.

This symposium aims to provide an international forum on the latest developments in nanotechnology and nanomaterials research, including the tools used for their study, considering experimental and theoretical approaches. The focus will be primarily on the synthesis, processing, characterization and modeling of nanomaterials and nanocomposites as well as the interplay between theory and experiments trough novel characterization techniques that approaches to theoretical limits. The symposium will also cover structure-property correlations at the nanoscale, understanding of fundamental phenomena occurring in nanoscale systems and processes, and the design, applications and industrial development of nanostructured materials and nanosystems.

The goal of this symposium is to provide a forum to unite researchers who are engaged in the study of Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnology. We will bring together an interdisciplinary group of researchers in materials science, physics, chemists, and device engineering who are interested in developments in academia, international laboratories and industries in the field of nanotechnology and also to provide a rich academic-soil towards the development of possible collaborations.

Symposium Topics

  • Controlled synthesis and processing at the nanoscale
  • Development of novel characterization techniques for nanomaterials
  • Patterning, nanofabrication, self-assembly
  • Nanoscale instrumentation
  • Emergence of properties at multiple length and time scales
  • Manipulation and coupling of properties at the nanoscale
  • Applications of nanoestructured materials
  • Magnetism in low dimensional systems

Invited Speakers

Ian McNulty Argonne National Laboratory USA, David O. Welch Brookhaven National Laboratory USA, M. Przybylski, AGH University of Science and Technology/Poland, M. José Yacamán University of Texas at San Antonio USA, D. Sander Max-Planck-Institut für Mikrostrukturphysik Germany, W. Kuch Freie Universitaet, Germany, A. Herrera CINVESTAV-QRO México, Elder De la Rosa CIO Mexico, E. Gómez IFUASLP México, Axel Enders University of Nebraska USA, Harald Brune EPFL Switzerland, Helder A. Santos University of Helsinki Finland, Zhiyong Tang National Center for Nanoscience and Technology China, Hernán Míguez Institute of Materials Science of Sevilla Spain, Eugenia Kumacheva University of Toronto Canada, Alexandra Boltasseva Purdue University USA, Stephen Mayfield University of California USA, Sergio Rosales Mendoza UASLP, Alvaro Mayoral (Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain), Julia Greer (California Institute of Technology).