Soft and biological matter systems have many common properties originating mainly of the fact that their constituents, interfaces and mesoscale phases are susceptible to thermal fluctuations close to room temperature. This symposium will explore the fundamentals (structure, mechanics, rheology, dynamics) and applications of such systems. The symposium will cover both experimental and modelling studies, and will encourage discussions and cross-fertilization of ideas.


Symposium Topics

  • Colloids – foams, bubbles, emulsions, droplets, thin liquid films, tribology/friction and adhesion of mesoscale, (bio)polymers, gels, elastomers, supramolecular assembly
  • (Self-)propelled particles & Collective motion
  • Granular materials, complex fluids and rheology – powders, electro-, magneto-fluids, bulk self-assembly and emergent behavior
  • Micro and Nanofluidics – functional hierarchical materials, scale-up and applications
  • Soft matter aspects of biological tissues and tissue engineering – structural and mechanical properties of biological tissues and biomaterials, biomimetics, ECM, cartilage, cell walls etc.
  • Soft and hard interfaces – interfacial properties, self-assembly on surfaces, surface rheology and (super)wetting

Invited Speakers

  • Mark Geoghegan, University of Sheffield, UK
  • Glen McHale, Northumbria University, UK