Supplementary cementitious materials (SCM) and different smart additives are commonly used in concrete practice nowadays. They are introduced into the concrete either blended with the cement or as separate additions. Some have been used in practice for decades others have just recently appeared in the development lab. SCMs with pozzolanic or cementitious properties include silica fume and nano-silica, coal fly ash, ground granulated blast furnace slag, metakaolin, limestone fillers and natural pozzolans. Smart additives include plasticizing, retarding, accelerating, shrinkage-reducing, air and water-entraining admixtures, and more recently also embedded micro-devices for structural monitoring, phase-changing materials, and additives for self-healing and self-curing of concrete.

A significant improvement in concrete quality – not the least durability and sustainability – can be obtained by proper use of these materials.


Symposium Topics

  • Smart additives for concrete, including additives for self-curing, self-sealing and self-healing
  • Supplementary cementitious materials for concrete
  • Hydration and microstructure in cementitious systems with smart additives and SCM
  • Rheology of fresh concrete containing smart additives and SCM
  • Mechanical properties of concrete with smart additives and SCM
  • Nano-technology in concrete construction
  • Durability, sustainability and recycling of concrete


Invited Speakers


→  D. A. (Dessi) Koleva Universitair docent / Assistant professor, TU Delft / Materials & Environment Faculty of Civil Engineering & Geosciences, 2628 CN  Delft, The Netherlands

→  Bernardo Martinez Sanchez, CEMEX, CDMX, Mexico

→  Roberto Uribe Afif , IMCyC - CEMEX, CDMX, Mexico