Scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) has become an integral part of the materials characterization toolkit.  This symposium will explore the materials insights STEM can provide and the cutting edge of STEM characterization techniques.  Contributions on STEM and related microscopies applied to any materials class are welcome, including studies on bulk and thin film materials, nanomaterials, and 2D materials.  The symposium will cover recent instrumental advances in STEM spectroscopy and four-dimensional STEM, which is the recording of a full diffraction pattern at every position of a STEM scan, and integration of STEM data with advanced methods in data science / image science and materials simulations.

Symposium Topics

  • Applications on bulk and thin film materials
  • Applications on 2D and nanomaterials
  • Advances in spectroscopy and spectrum imaging, including EELS, EDS and 4D STEM
  • Advances in in situ STEM
  • Application of data science, image science, and machine learning to STEM data
  • Connections between STEM data and materials simulations
  • Other spectroscopy characterization modalities

Invited Speakers

 K. Andre Mkhoyan, University of Minnesota, USA; Mary Scott, University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley Lab, USA; Moon Kim, University of Texas, Dallas, USA