In the past 8 years, we had offered this symposium about catalytic materials with a broad impact on the field of material science, chemistry and physics. The aim of the program is to share and disseminate results and development of enhanced catalytic materials for different applications including: hydrodesulphurization, hydrogen production, co-precipitation of methane, reduction of NOx and CO, in-situ oil upgrading, and computational methods in catalysis. The past editions of this symposium allowed both experimentalists and theoreticians interested on this research topic dicuss electronic properties, synthesis/fabrication, characterization using electron microscopy in scanning and transmission mode, FTIR, powder X-ray crystallography and catalytic activity for diverse energy and engineering applications. This symposium will be publishing most relevant research works at the Catalysis Today Journal of Elsevier (IF: 4.32).

Symposium Topics

  • Controlled synthesis of Transition Metal Carbides, Phosphides and Sulfides catalytic materials.
  • Advanced characterization techniques, including in-situ operando.
  • Electronic structure of catalytic materials by computer assisted simulations.
  • Catalytic properties thermodynamic perspective.
  • Usage of catalytic materials for industrial applications.
  • Catalytic materials for energy production special focus liquid-fuels production.
  • Catalytic materials for environmental applications.
  • Commercialization of novel products and catalysis.  

Invited Speakers

James Spivey (Louisiana State University)
Russell R. Chianelli
(University of Texas-El Paso, USA)
Paz del Angel Vicente (Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo
Pedro Pereira (University of Calgary)
Xiaoqing Pan  (University of California-Irving)
Jorge Ramírez (UNAM-México)
Miguel J. Yacamán (University of Texas at San Antonio, USA)
Dennis R. Salahub (University of Calgary)
Raúl Pérez Hernández (ININ-México)
Oliver C. Mullins  (Schlumberger, Inc.)
Enrique Rodríguez Castellón (Universidad de Málaga-Spain)
Gabriela Díaz (UNAM-México)

Additional Information

Selected Oral and Poster presentations are going to be invited for full submission of a manuscript to special issue in ELSEVIER Catalysis Today Journal
Only invited speakers are going to be selected as contributors for special issue in the Journal of Materials Research of Materials Research Society