After nearly 50 years since its formal emergence, Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) can be considered a mature field in academy and applications, and one of the few that keep gaining momentum as new results come to light many areas of research. This, however, imposes the necessity of constantly reviewing how to approach the education in formal environments (undergraduate and graduate levels) as well as in informal environments dealing with the general public, politicians, etc.

This symposium aims to bring together the expertise different institutions and countries to discuss how MSE is taught at different levels and for different audiences, how the different tools that are now available or in development to aid in this task are being used, and on the way other disciplines like nanotechnology and the biological and medical sciences are being implemented into MSE education.

Symposium Topics

  • The MSE undergraduate curriculum –majors and non-majors
  • The MSE graduate curriculum
  • MSE basics for nanotechnology
  • MSE for the general public
  • MSE for the biological and medical fields
  • Tools and media for the education in MSE

Invited Speakers

Robert M. Wallace, University of Texas at Dallas, USA; Judith Driscoll, University of Cambridge, UK; Pedro Prieto, Universidad del Valle, Colombia; Andrew Heckler, Ohio State University, USA; Bart Sheinberg, Houston Community College, USA; Luis Fuentes, CIMAV, México