In this symposium works are presented about cases of success as well as failures in the Academy-Industry linking process, related to Materials Science and Engineering.

The main objective of this symposium is to help in the academy-industry linking, an important theme for global development. Academic or research institutions and industries are invited to participate. Mexican authorities of science and technology present themes about innovation policies, intellectual property, funds and others related to this topic in Mexico. You can present works about academy-industry relationship in Materials Science and Engineering, as well as related subjects to increase the level of interaction between industry and researchers. The acceptance of scientific or technical abstracts is limited to cases in which the main topic is academy-industry linking.

Symposium Topics

  • Academy-Industry mechanisms for linking
  • Patents
  • Technological services for industries
  • Academy-Industry reseach projects
  • Company talks to propose projects to research institutions
  • Technological transfer
  • Technology Markets
  • Innovation Enterprises
  • Academy-Industry agreements
  • Funding Agencies

Invited Speakers

Dr. Octavio Manero Brito (IIM-UNAM, México), Dr. Jorge Aburto Anell (IMP, México), Dr. Ricardo Femat Flores (IPICYT, México)