In recent years the world of two-dimensional (2D) materials has expanded beyond graphene to encompass not only transition metal dichalcogenide semiconductors such as MoS2 and WSe2, but also 2D superconductors, magnets, ferroelectrics, and mechanically assembled stacks of 2D materials known as van der Waals heterostructures. The goal of this symposium is to bring together experts in bulk synthesis, nanoelectronics, and theory to explore the scientific opportunities in this rapidly emerging area.

Symposium Topics

  • Single-layer magnets
  • Valleytronics
  • 2D spintronics
  • New 2D materials
  • Van der Waals heterostructures
  • Contact engineering in 2D semiconductor electronic devices
  • Scattering mechanisms and quantum transport in 2D semiconductors
  • 2D Materials Synthesis
  • 2D Materials characterization
  • Device scaling and dielectric engineering

Invited Speakers


Ken Burch, Boston College, USA; Ben Hunt, Carnegie Mellon University, USA; Jun Lou, Rice University, USA; Peter Maksymovych, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA; David Tomanek, Michigan State, USA; Peide Ye, Purdue University,USA;Janice Musfeldt, University of Tennessee, USA; Marcos Pimenta, UFMG, Brasil; Yaqiong Xu, Vanderbilt University, USA;