Memristive devices develop rapid in recent years attracting attention of academics and industry as ideal system for fundamental studies of nanoscale physicochemical processes and as multifuctional, low power, ultrafast and scalable devices. First products have been already offered at the market. Despite the huge progress problems with variability and device stability still remain, thus demanding further clarification of the origins of the problems. From different types memristive systems two system based on ReRAMs are especially promising - electrochemical metallization memories (ECM) and valence change memories (VCM). The aim of this symposium is to present the recent progress in microscopic understandings of the processes of resistive switching in these systems and the developent of the ReRAM based applications. In focus will be set oxide systems but alternative approaches/solutions and materials are also welcome.

Symposium Topics

  • Switching Kinetics and Modelling of ECM cells
  • Switching Kinetics and Modelling of VCM cells
  • In situ techniques and approaches with focus on atomically resolved methods
  • Memory and Selector Devices
  • Neuromorphic applications
  • Influence of materials, structures and ion concentration
  • Effects of moisture and local environment

Invited Speakers

W. D. Lu, University of Michigan, USA; T. Hasegawa, Waseda University, Japan;  U. Celano, IMEC, Belgium; T. Tsuruoka, NIMS, Tsukuba, Japan; M.-P. Besland, Univ. Nantes, France; G. Molas, LETI, France; S. Menzel, Research Centre Juelich, Germany; A. Kenyon, Univ. College London, UK; M. N. Kozicki, Arizona State University, USA; J. Suñé, Univ. Barcelona, Spain; D. Strukov, University Santa Barbara, USA; D. Ielmini, Politechnica di Milano, Italy; USA; M. Ziegler, University of Kiel, Germany; M. Lanza, Soochow University, P. R. China; M. Liu. Chinese Academy of Sciences, P. R. China; An Chen, IBM & SRC, USA; S. Ambrogio, IBM, USA; Qiangfei Xia, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA; M. Aono, NIMS, Tsukuba, Japan; R. Waser, RWTH-Aachen University, Germany; Yuchao Yang, Peking Univ.,China; Gennadi Bersuker, Aerospace Corp., USA.