The aim of this Symposium is to bring together researchers the academy and industry to present and discuss the latest advancements on biofuels materials, characterization methods, processing technologies and testing for performance and emissions. Special focus is given to second and third generation ethanol and biodiesel, hydrogen and green diesel. Works on alcoholic fermentation, biofuels to beverages, are welcome.

Symposium Topics

  • Biofuels materials
  • Characterization methods of biofuels properties and composition
  • Processing technologies of biofuels
  • Second and third generation ethanol and biodiesel
  • Hydrogen production and application to fuel cells and engines
  • Biofuels effects on engine performance and emissions
  • Alcoholic fermentation: biofuels to … science of beer and wine

Invited Speakers

Guohong Tian, University of Surrey, UK; Lynsey Melville, Birmingham City University, UK; Yang Zhang, University of Sheffield, UK; Carlos Rodrigues Pereira Belchior, UFRJ, Brazil.