Duration: 4.5 hours

The tutorial will cover the main three areas of electron microscopy with special interest in the characterization of materials with atomic resolution and in situ experiments. The tutorial will begin with a discussion of the need to achieve atomic resolution for materials development and application. The fundamentals of aberration corrected imaging (optics), electron energy loss spectroscopy, ultimate physical limits (beam interaction and resolution) and the use of aberration corrected microscopes will be covered with application to inorganic materials. The second part of the tutorial will be devoted to in situ experiment with particular application to catalysis. Electron microscopy methods to characterize materials will be described general to specific applications together application to in situ experiments for practical cases of catalysis. The tutorial will include lectures given by experts in the use of imaging techniques in the context of preserving the genuine structure of materials during observation and performing experiments under controlled conditions. Students are encouraged to bring discussion subjects for a round table discussion at the end of the tutorial.


  • Aberration Corrected Imaging in TEM and STEM
  • Atomic Resolution Electron Microscopy in TEM and STEM
  • In situ TEM