Duration: Five hours (six lectures of 45 minutes each w

This tutorial is a short version of the course on “Survival Skills for Scientists” [1] developed at INRS. This is a graduate course designed to give basic advice and offer mentorship to graduate students and post-docs. The central theme of the course and tutorial is that succeeding in Science requires skills (often referred to as ‘soft professional skills’) beyond those needed for Science. The tutorial aims at giving basic guidance and mentoring to young scientists (typically science and engineering graduate students and post-docs).
References [1] F. Rosei, T.W. Johnston, “Survival Skills for Scientists”, Imperial College Press (2006).


  • Introduction to Survival Skills: managing your own career; Science communication: how to write a paper.
  • Science communication: how to give a talk
  • The role of women in science and engineering
  • Ethics in science