Duration: 4 hours

On Sunday, August 20 this Tutorial will be held as integral part of Symposium E.6 PARTICLE ACCELERATORS FOR SCIENCE & ENGINEERING OF MATERIALS. The Tutorial will be open to participants in Congress who can register March 27th. Tutorial purpose is to show analysis advantages by use particle accelerators, particularly in various conditions in which materials of interest are often presented, as well as  projection of its use in near future according to development trend of accelerators technology.

It is considered of interest Tutorials realization since majority of attendees to congress are specialists in manufacture and study of materials that use techniques and a scientific approach in general different to one used with accelerators. So in that sense the Tutorial will be useful as an introduction to Symposium E.6, for non-experts in accelerator as students or researchers unfamiliar with them. Is intended to make it clear to them, that IBA techniques must be considered as a complementary tool to obtain unique information.


  • Basic interaction between energetic ions and atoms
  • Implementation of properties of secondary radiation as analytical techniques
  • Experimental conditions under which IBA techniques offer advantages in material analysis
  • What applications of IBA techniques in materials would be helpful for development in priority areas?
  • Trend of technological developments in ion accelerators which would be useful for materials field ???