Duration: 6 hours

Although several antibacterial treatments are already available in the market, none of these treatments are fully satisfactory. Stability, adhesion, resistance to cleaning, washing and wear still presents technological locks that need to be unlocked. This Tutorial will rapidly review the basics strategies that can be adopted to fight bacterial contamination for health, and will progressively treat the hottest challenging topics in the field with a very pedagogical approach. Metal-based, natural molecules, dry-contact strategies and chemical functionalities showing strong potential to present a bactericidal activity will be detailed. Then, suitable strategies for processing materials and surfaces in confined, working, living, social and transport environments will be discussed. Finally, innovative approaches for the characterization of the bactericidal activity of the treated surfaces will be introduced. Several case studies will be exposed in close relations with aerospace, medical, vegetal, and industrial applications.


  • Introduction to Materials and Surfaces for Antibacterial Applications
  • Silver-based Antibacterial Coatings
  • Bacterial Growth and Inhibition
  • Advanced Techniques for Surface Characterization and Studies of Bacterial Cell Adhesion
  • Case Study: Antibacterial Approaches for Extraterrestrial Human Colonies
  • Case Study: Natural Materials with Bactericidal Action
  • Case Study: Antibacterial Coatings for Health
  • Case Study: Future Trends for Innovative Bactericidal Strategies