Duration: 4 hours

After a brief historical description of AFM discovery, we will describe the different AFM modes and their potential use in biology. We will especially focus on the most advanced and recent multiparametric modes like Quantitative Imaging or PeakForce QNM.

We will demonstrate the interest of AFM in biology both for getting images of living samples, cells but also for force measurements. Indeed, an AFM is a force machine able to record forces in the pN range. It thus give access to nanomechanical measures and to single molecule recognition.

All these developments need adaptation to be applied in biology. The biological sample induces constrains that we will explain. Solutions developed in our team, to overcome the difficulties induced by the biological nature of the samples, will be described, ranging the problem of cells immobilization to the tip functionalization, and to inherent heterogeneity in a biological sample.


  • Historical presentation
  • AFM Multiparametric modes
  • AFM in biology: Images and Forces
  • AFM adaptation to biology